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AP US History Current Event Blog

Signing into the blog:

  • In order to access your myahs account go to complete the log in information.  Log in information for is …
    • User Names: [Grad Year ##] [Last Name, First Initial] [Last two digits of the student ID number]
    • Password: [last 6 digits of the student ID and the day of birth as a two digit number.]
      • For Example:
        • 12345613

Goals of the Blog

  • Promote citizenship skills (being aware of current events).
  • Build a habit of making connections between the past and the present. 
  • Develop respectful online communication norms.

Blogging Guidelines (RESPECT!)

  • The expectation is for all students to be civil and respectful
  • You can disagree with another post but you need to make sure that you do so in a respectful manner. 
  • It is essential that you never personally attack another student.  For example, “how can you live with yourself” or “only a moron would think” are not appropriate ways to respond to a post.  Instead, “Bob, did you consider the effect” or “I understand the point that Sue is making but I disagree because.” 
  • Remember that everything in print can be taken twice as harsh as you might intend.  Posting under the influence of emotion is dangerous.

Posting Week

  •  each student will be assigned one week that they will be required to make one original post to the blog by Sunday at midnight.  The student must also respond at least once to the student comments to their original post. 
  • An excellent POST is one that
    • Introduces a new current event topic that has not yet been posted
    • Connects current event to historical content
    • Provides a link to an article from a reliable news source
    • Includes an embedded image, video, chart, cartoon, etc.
    • Includes reaction to the news article and poses an issue or question for discussion
    • Is about 150 words (clarity is a skill, hone yours).

Commenting Week

  • You need to comment on the posts of your fellow students that you find interesting.  You need to comment on at least 13 different posts throughout the semester. Basically, comment once a week, but no more than three comments per week will be accepted. 
  • An full-credit COMMENT is one that …
    • Directly address the material or ideas presented in the post
    • Brings up a new perspective or idea (if you agree with previous comments, you must include a new reason for your beliefs. To encourage new perspectives, attempt to insert a devil’s advocate opinion).
    • Comments regularly throughout the semester and does not cluster all comments in the final weeks
    • Uses respectful academic language while agreeing and disagreeing with posts
    • about 150 words (clarity is a skill, hone yours).

Good Resources for News Articles

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